Bound for new life.

Consider the difficult work that Sarah and Robert had to do, as well as how many years they worked. Do you think that this is fair? Is indentured servitude fair, even if someone agrees to it? Why or why not?


 In my opinion indentured servitude is not fair. It can be unfair to people because no matter when they started, they are free when they turn 21. The indentured servants weren’t always treated fairly. Some kids were kidnapped and forced into indentured servitude. Some kids agreed to it, they didn’t know the conditions they would be working in.

The system wasn’t fair to the younger children. Older children worked for fewer years than younger children. In the article “Bound  For a New Life”, Robert came over when he was 12 and Sarah came over when she was 14. They both became free at 21. They were not treated fairly. The text stated that Sarah was between her master’s wife. It said,” his wife a mean-spirited women who beat me for the smallest mistake.” the article stated,” my clothes was raged; my gruel, peas, and a little bread,” It also said, “I teended my master’s children and weeded his vegetable garden. =They weren’t treated well. some kids were kidnapped and others agreed to do it. Indentured servitude was not fair regardless if they agreed to it or not.